Girl Scout Promise and Law FREE Printable

Free Printable

Free Promise and Law Printable

A free printable to use however you would like! Here’s what I did with it for my troop.

So my troop has been in need of a new poster to help the girls say the Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law during our meetings every week. Here’s what we had…

Promise and Law Poster

It’s kinda hard to read from a distance with the green poster board and black writing. Someone had great intentions but it just was not working well for us, especially the older the poster gets.

and here is what we have now…

Promise and Law Printable

Easier to read and laminated for durability. It will be easy to roll up and put away for when other groups use our shared meeting space.


I created this printable to share with everyone. You can print it at home and use it however you’d like or you can upload it to and make a small investment to have it printed poster size and laminated. (I paid $22 including tax). I know my troop will use it for many years so I was not upset making the personal donation to the troop to have it printed.

Free Girl Scout Promise and Law Printable

¬†Download here —>¬†Free Girl Scout Promise and Law Printable

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Let me know how you plan to use this printable!! Can’t wait to hear all the ideas!


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