My Girl Scout Story

My Girl Scout Story

  My Girl Scout Story started in first grade when my mom registered me as a Brownie Girl Scout.

My Girl Scout Experience - Brownies

I think this pic is from 3rd grade!!?!

And from there Girl Scouts has shaped my life in ways I never imagined possible. My Girl Scout experience has taken me to places I never imagined I would see and allowed me to participate in things that still leave me awestruck!

As a young Girl Scout, I attended Day Camp and Resident Camp with some of my best friends.

My Girl Scout Experience - Day Camp at Siekooc

My Girl Scout Experience - Leaving for Wiedemann

Eventually, I was old enough to volunteer at the camps I attended. I started as a Program Aide, then Senior Program Aide and eventually I went through the CIT I and CIT II Programs at resident camp.

I spent the summer after 7th grade through the summer after graduation known as SuperWoman!

My Girl Scout Experience - CIT I at Wiedemann

My Girl Scout Experience - Horseback riding at Wiedemann

But Girl Scouts was about more than cookies and camping for me! I applied and interviewed for several travel opportunities too! Before they were called Destinations, Girl Scouts went on Wider Ops. I was lucky enough to participate in two of these during my high school years. So thanks to Girl Scouts, this Kansas girl got to climb the mountains of Montana.

My Girl Scout Experience - Montana

My Girl Scout Experience - Backpacking in Montana

Then two years later, I was able to travel to Louisville, Kentucky and participate in CareersRX. There I spent two amazing weeks exploring medical careers and some Kentucky history. I was able to meet 50 girls from over 35 different states and 3 different countries. We were able to visit operating rooms and watch surgery while it was happening, visit a pathology lab and see an actual human brain, and when we weren’t learning about things in the medical field we were touring highlights from the area like a behind the scenes tour of Churchill Downs.

My Girl Scout Experience - Pretend surgery in Kentucky

And just a few months after my trip to Kentucky, I was selected to represent my council as a girl delegate at the Girl Scout National Convention in Long Beach, California. There I was not only able to see what all goes into making changes within the Girl Scout Organization but also see the ocean for the first time, take a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and take a pic with Superman!

My Girl Scout Experience - Building a sandcastle during my first trip to the beachMy Girl Scout Experience - Meeting Superman in Hollywood

And all these things happened before I even graduated from high school!

All the time my friends would ask why I was still a Girl Scout and every time my reply was because it was able to support me while I traveled to see some amazing things. I graduated high school without ever earning my Gold Award, which is something I wish I would have put more effort into. But in the end, my Girl Scout Story throughout my years as a girl was still AMAZING! Upon graduating, my parents bought me a lifetime membership to Girl Scouts.

My Girl Scout Experience - Senior Pic

As an adult volunteer, my Girl Scout Story has been filled with just as many exciting adventures.

My family’s five years in Japan meant I participated in many events with the Japanese Girl Scouts. And as a leader for the past three years, I’ve seen the girls in my troop go from Daisies to Brownies and really live up to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. And our troop’s big highlight from the past year was a trip to New York City, which has been a dream of mine for a long time!!!

My Girl Scout Experience - Friendship ExchangeMy Girl Scout Experience - Indigo DyingMy Girl Scout Experience - Songs in IkegoMy Girl Scout Experience - NYC 2016

As a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, my Girl Scout Story is far from over and I can’t wait to see where it will take me next! I’ve got a lot of big plans!!

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