30 before 30

I’ve got some goals! I’ve posted before about some goals I have.  But this time I’m a little more serious about it all. This coming Friday marks, not only my youngest 2nd birthday but my half birthday. Half way to THIRTY! AHH!! I have no idea why I seem to be so scared about that number! … [Read more…]

Liebster Blog Award

So I’ve been researching and learning lots of  new things in a few facebook blogging groups! I’ve also been meeting LOTS of new bloggers!!! It’s been lots of fun! One of those people I have met is Vicky from randomlittlefaves.com. She has an awesome blog with all sorts of tidbits of life. She shares recipes, … [Read more…]

Real Life : The Good and the Bad

So when I started blogging I always told myself I wasn’t going to be one of those people who only posts the prettiest pictures of the cleanest house ever and children always smiling and unicorns pooping rainbows! Sometimes I look at all those pictures and just think “yeah right!” Your life isn’t always puppies and … [Read more…]

2014 Fall Mantle

Let me start this post of with the disclaimer that I am in no way an interior designer! lol In my head I have these big ideas but they seem to take me a lot of work to make them look like how I envision them. But overall I used what I had and didn’t … [Read more…]